Globowl: internationally-inspired baby and toddler food

Globowl: internationally-inspired baby and toddler food

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Bring the world to your child’s plate with Globowl’s internationally-influenced, organic baby food.

Globowl Founder, Erica Bethe Levin, is driven by her three loves: family, friends and food (the best "F" words out there!). "Nothing brings me more joy than being in the kitchen, cooking together with three generations. My son and I make Challah bread every Friday; my daughter helps me make French toast with it the next day. As a family, so many adventures start with a new ingredient or flavor. "

Did you know babies aged 6-18 months are most receptive to exploring new flavors - it’s called the Flavor Window. But like many new parents, Erica took a cautious approach to introducing her firstborn to food. "I opted instead for fruits and vegetables - all single ingredients, all very one-note. Not surprisingly, he became a picky eater. Then my daughter arrived and we refused to make the same mistake again - we introduced her to every spice and flavor possible (her first meal was coconut shrimp curry). What a difference! She devoured it, and is still an adventurous eater. I looked to see if there was any baby food out there reflective of my baby's palate...there wasn't! And given a global pandemic, there was no hope of traveling. So I decided to bring the world and the cultures within it to my babies...through food!"

"So I got to work and launched Globowl, an internationally-inspired baby and toddler food company, inspiring the foodies of tomorrow. We do so by bringing both delightful flavors and safe textures to little ones as they embark on their food-journey. Our core mission revolves around introducing early allergens and nurturing a love for vegetables - and flavors from around the world- among young palates."

The Globowl Difference

Unlike typical baby food, Globowl meals are specifically crafted to a safe texture and size for babies (instead of pureed), encouraging spoon feeding and self-feeding. This is important for supporting oral motor development instead of stifling it as spouted pouches do when babies “drink” them instead of “eating” them. Spoon feeding and chewing are also important for speech development, and to prevent future “texture issue” aversions. Globowl meals introduce common allergens to your little ones according to the latest pediatric feeding guidelines, which recommends an “early and often” approach to common food allergens as the best way to prevent future food allergies (as recommended by the USDA and American Academy of Pediatrics). Globowl meals feature small amounts of common allergens like soy, egg and sesame to mitigate food allergies down the line.

Globowl understands the critical importance of addressing picky eating habits in children, as it can significantly impact their health. Globowl's approach centers on offering a diverse array of flavors, spices, and textures during the crucial "flavor window." "Equally important to me is introducing babies and children to cultures from around the world, fostering open-mindedness and a curiosity for the planet and all of its people," said Erica. Our current flavors are Pad Thai for Tots, Baby Spice's Bean Bowl, Veggie Tikka Masala, and Yaya's Medi-Bowl, with more exciting flavors launching this year.

By consistently exposing young ones to these elements, Globowl aims to prevent such challenges.

Everything You Want from Your Baby's Food

Globowl's chef-curated, pediatrician-approved meals are thoughtfully crafted, all natural, free from artificial colors or flavors, and non-GMO. Globowl's jars contain a fully balanced, fully nutritional meal (vegetables, protein, whole grains). In comparison, pouches are snacks that mostly contain fruits and some veggies. Globowl also has some of the lowest sugar baby food in the market with NO added sugars.

Erica hopes that through Globowl kids will develop a curiosity for the planet, and the people who inhabit it, along with a lifelong love and appreciation of food, adventure and interconnection. "At the end of the day, this product was created for my own children; they are the inspiration, and we want to share our knowledge, recipes, love for food and culture with others, all while helping them develop into healthy young children and adults."

Bring the world to your child’s plate with Globowl’s internationally-inspired baby and toddler food today!
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