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I need to vent!

by Jon (follow)
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I need to vent!

Hi all! I need to vent. I am a mom of 3 and a stepmom to my husbands oldest, I'll call her Jessica. I really don't like the term stepmom or stepchild, especially since I do consider her one of my own. I've known and loved her since she was a toddler. She's entering her double digits soon. My husband is on child support and has the standard every other weekend order. Except when Jessica's mom decides she wants to keep her for whatever reason or when we ask to have her home for any given weekend, which her mom is usually fine with. She calls my husband a dead beat and claims Jessica doesn't like us. She's hateful towards both of us, to say the least. We do not reciprocate that feeling although we know she's no prize herself. We've recently, for over a month now, have been receiving Jessica with lice. It's happened multiple times over the years and my husband would usually let her mom know, she'd clean her head and that would be it. But this time, it was weekend after weekend and it was getting ridiculous how many times we'd have to let her mom know so she could go back to clean her head. We even sent her back with a bottle of lice-killing shampoo to make sure she did it. But I'm pretty sure she didn't take it seriously, bc Jessica would tell me her mom checked her head but not for a long time. Her mom kept claiming she had cleaned her head and "she only had dead ones. Well I finally went to buy my own shampoo and did it myself since sending her back was not only taking away from her time with us but because her mom obviously wasn't solving the problem on her own. We stayed in the restroom for a couple hours. Again, I have 3 of my own children. My two older ones were with my husband but my youngest is attached to me at the hip so was not very happy about me being away for so long. But, I had to. Not only to rid Jessica of this irritation for herself, but to also prevent my kids or us from getting them. Which is another annoyance that came with her nonchalantly sending Jessica back to us with lice every time - like you know we have her siblings here that she plays with too but whatever right? Anyway, I hand picked every single one I saw out of her head. Even found a few bugs in there too. We let her mom know how bad I found it and just got an "ok. Two weeks later, Jessica comes back home and guess what I find as I'm fixing her hair getting ready to go out. A live bug crawling back into her head as I was combing (with a regular large teeth comb, I might add!) I was livid! I did the work for her and all she had to do was clean and disinfect her living area. I checked her this time and she was infested. Bugs and eggs all over. So again, I figured I would take it into my own hands. I shampooed her head and began the process but to my surprise the shampoo didn't work this time. The bugs were alive and full force trying to escape the comb. It seemed every strand I picked up there were more eggs. And then eggs behind those. And so on. I couldn't do it anymore. I was barely on the first section and already an hour had passed. I also had my baby crying for me, dinner to be made, and other things to get done. In desperation, we took her back to her mom, again let her know how bad it was, showed her that even just looking at Jessica's head you could see eggs. I also let her know that a friend of mine (who she also knows) used to work for our daughters dr/pharmacy and let me know that they have a special shampoo that's stronger than OTC that we would be able to get. But with the holidays coming up it might have to wait a week to be able to pick some up. So we left her with her mom to take care of it. Well I figured I'd help out and call to see if the dr would be able to prescribe it anyway before the holiday. (Bc my friend also told me they don't require an appointment, since it's treatable with the prescription.) So I called as myself, let them know the situation my stepdaughters been in for over a month now, and the triage nurse went ahead and prescribed it. So the next day I went, as myself, picked up the prescription, signed as myself, and went and delivered the shampoo to their house where another family member got it from me. Minutes later, I found out from the same friend I mentioned before, that Jessica's mom was upset and calling the drs office and pharmacy complaining to them and telling them that my husband and I are not supposed to be authorized to request any prescription for her daughter. She said someone told her I was calling the dr pretending to be her. I made it clear that I did no such thing but I doubt it made a difference. Now don't get me wrong, maybe the lady in the front office did misunderstand me or assume that I was her mom, but I never ever said Jessica's moms name. I assured her that they only asked for Jessica's name and birthday and my signature when I went to pick up the medicine. I understand she might've felt like I stepped on her toes, but that was never my intention. I only wanted to help Jessica and her to solve this issue. What gets me is that in this entire situation where Jessica has been dealing with this irritation, all her mom saw was her own bruised ego and made an issue out of it then. Like why couldn't you get that mad about someone giving your daughter lice? Unfortunately, we haven't seen her for the holidays or her birthday since then. I hate the situation. So now I'm just waiting until she and my husband come to some kind of middle ground to see my girl again. Sorry for such a long post but I've been holding this in and needed to get it out. Praying every chance I get, on it. Thanks for reading.

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