Issues in our relationship

Issues in our relationship

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Posted 2020-09-18 by Suefollow

My partner and I have been together for 6 years, we have a 2.5 year old and 14 month old.

We started having issues in our relationship when our 2nd child was born, they are close in age as a handful.

We recently took a break for 8 weeks to see whether we could get any feelings back for our relationship since multiple blow outs that weren't ever resolved. Since then we both have had counselling plus couple counselling which has really helped up learn to communicate effective and has resulted with us being back together.

The problem is our relationship together is awesome and we are communicating so well but he still can't accept having two kids as he was always one of those people that said I never wanted kids! But was happy with our first and never said anything regarding the 2nd, now he says he did it to please me as he was in love with me and wished he spoke up. Admittently it is hard work with the two on day to day basis but as a mother you try and do all you can.

My partner has several hobbies he likes to do and since being back together I've been encouraging him and supportive, and he has done some of the things he wants to do a he always says he feels like he doesn't have freedom.

So today he said that he would of liked to go to the beach, but didn't want to take the kids just go with us he wants that life with me where we can do whatever we can whenever.

Please don't be nasty saying get rid of him as I do truly love him, but I'm asking if other partners maybe went through this phase and then things got better or maybe when the kids got older it got better? He says that he is unhappy with life because of the kids and would just prefer to be with me, but in my eyes the kids never asked to be here so there needs and happiness come first in this mummas eyes.

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